Saturday, October 18, 2008

Contact your State Director!

Below is the official list of State Directors for Not For Sale. We encourage you to contact your State Director if you're looking to get involved in the fight against human trafficking on a local or regional level. Pictures, bios, and full contact details for each of these Abolitionists are soon to come on the NFS State Directors webpage!

Arkansas -Samantha Fagan:
California (Northern) - Mark Wexler:
California (San Diego County) - Stephanie Voorkamp:
Colorado - Pam Harvey:
Georgia- Mark Hoerrner:
Hawaii – Maria Bedrosian:
Michigan – Chris Momany:
Minnesota - Richard Wexler:
Missouri – John Battaglia:
New York City – Christy Tyson:
Nevada – Paige Hendrix:
New Jersey - Amari Verastegui:
North Carolina - Rachel Kennedy:
Ohio - Jeremy Scott:
Oregon – Scott MacDonald:
Pennsylvania (Eastern/Philadelphia) - Kara Beardsell:
South Carolina – Mark Long:; Maryse Gartner:
Tennessee - Derri & Bill Smith:
Texas (North/Dallas) - Jason Potnick:
Texas (South/Houston) - Dennis & Bobbie Mark:
Washington (state) - Carol Sluys:; Sarah Sweeney
Southeast Regional Director - Keisha Hoerrner:
New Brunswick, Canada – Addie Houston:
NFS Spain – Marc Correa:
NFS UK - Louisa Barry:
NFS East Africa - David Mwambari:


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Belle said...

I notice that Montana (my state) does not have a rep... What does it take to be one? I'd be interested.