Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Free2Work Soft Launch!

Not For Sale is excited to announce that is now up and ready for your consumption.

Free2Work follows in the Not For Sale model of open source activism. It allows you to be a part of the abolitionist process by using your power as a researcher, investigator and news junkie! Free2Work's platform allows you to report information (both good and bad) about companies. If a company deserves recognition as a Free2Work company - which has taken a pledge to independently verify their supply chain - you'll know about them. Conversely if a company needs urging to change their practices they'll be placed on a 'watch list'.

So the next time you're about to buy some chocolate, a new pair of shoes, or even a new car we encourage you to take a look at Free2Work so that you purchase from a company known to do business in a Free2Work manner.

We hope you enjoy navigating around Free2Work and choose to sign up as a Free2Work investigator.

-Mark Wexler